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Digital Resources

We are delighted to showcase our full programme of digital resources & projects designed to keep us creative and keep us connected, as developed during the lockdowns in 2020.

For all enquiries regarding these projects, please contact

Top Tips to Wellbeing with Abbie McFarlane

We are delighted to introduce Keeping Well with Abbie McFarlane. Each week Abbie posted her ‘Top Tips to Wellbeing’ videos and hosted an online wellbeing chat during those difficult times. Supported by Orbit Building Communities.

Spiral Waves

Join this creative time killer, simply by creating spirals with whatever you have to hand.

Morgana's Make It Sessions

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12pm, we broadcast Morgana’s Make it Sessions! Throughout the week, Morgana posted an art project live to Instagram in three different stages so you can work on the project in your own time.

Escape's Virtual Community Garden Space, Creative Acts of Nature Challenge & Inside Out Biodiversity Project

Our Virtual Community Garden was a place to share our wonderful outdoor work digitally and connect our growing communities during the Covid-19 lock down.

Cooking with Abbie: Grow Cook & CrEATe

Nutritionist Abbie McFarlane shared weekly cooking videos with the Escape Arts community. They feature easy to do recipes made from store cupboard ingredients and basic equipment, encouraging family cooking, wellbeing, skill development and comfort.

ONE: Be Creative by Escape Arts & Sitting Rooms of Culture

The One Project is a creative pack which has lots of creative inspiration for all ages aimed to connect people and spread a positive message of friendship and hope.

Tis the Season to Reuse & Recycle: Rubbish Seasonal Makes with Escape Arts

All the online shopping, presents and decorations we enjoy at Christmas results in a lot of rubbish. In fact an extra 30% more rubbish is produced over Christmas compared to the rest of the year. An estimated three and a half black bags of festive packaging is discarded by every household. Some of this cannot be recycled and ends up in landfill. What a waste!

PAPERBAG STARS – stunning stars from grocery bags

Who knew paper bags could be used so creatively?

SCRAPBOOK SKETCHBOOK – make a beautiful journal or sketchbook using scrap paper

Escape Arts would also like to encourage you to reuse your rubbish and waste paper to make decorative handmade items.  These make unique gifts and use up unwanted materials which might otherwise end up in landfill. You will need a few household items such as scissors, pens and glue, as well as some rubbish.

Be Your Extraordinary Self: Create a Fabulous Outfit and Be a Living Artwork

This year Escape Arts launched “Be Extraordinary” – a programme of projects and workshops encouraging everyone to be brave and be bold – think outside the box and challenge what is considered normal. Escape Arts was inspired by the critically acclaimed international artist Daniel Lismore who is known for his incredible outfits where he is a living artwork.