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Digital Library

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Art Alert 30 Day Challenge: A Response to the Start of Covid-19 Lockdown

At the beginning of Covid-19 lockdown, members of Art Alert felt they were missing the social side of creating art. Two members offered to lead a daily art challenge during the 30 days of April 2020. This booklet showcases some of the work produced and hopefully will continue to be an inspiration for others. Thanks to Escape Arts for enabling the booklet to become a digital share.

Enhance your wellbeing

Enhance your wellbeing with Abbie's Digital Wellbeing Book, featuring her top tips to help improve your wellbeing at home.

Cooking with Abbie - Digital Book!

Welcome to Cooking with Abbie's digital recipe book! This book includes all of Abbie's popular cooking videos with extra hints and tips from Abbie herself!

Creative Acts of Nature Digital Book

We created this 28 Day Challenge to inspire you to find the beauty and creativity in nature during these unprecedented times.

Morgana Makes It - Digital Book!

This book features all Morgana's brilliant projects using items from around the home, there's something for everyone, with videos including party decorations, memory making activities and fun creations to brighten up your garden!

ONE Project Digital Book

Celebrating a range of our lockdown projects including ONE Project wellbeing activities, Morgana Makes It art videos and Spiral Waves inspiration, you can download individual activities from the book and find out more about our Covid-19 service delivery.

We Will Remember - Remembrance Day Digital Book

A collection of the work that was created in 2020 to mark the VE and VJ Day 75th anniversaries, in collaboration with Escape Arts, Stratford-Upon-Avon and Welcombe Radio.

Digital Review 2020

Our Digital Review of 2020 showcases all our fantastic projects during this year.

Digital Review 2021

Our Digital Review of 2021 showcases all our fantastic projects during this year.

Digital Review 2022

Our Digital Review of 2022 showcases all our fantastic projects during this year.