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We are delighted to share the resources created by our lovely interns throughout the summer of 2021. They have been working hard to research the impact of climate change and have produced informative posters, engaging presentations and activity sheets for primary schools. Thank you National Lottery Community Fund for supporting this project.


The 26th United Nations annual climate change conference took place in Glasgow, November 2021. Many believe that this is the world’s last best chance to get climate change under control. Simply reducing emissions is not enough-the climate is already changing, we need to enable and encourage countries already affected by climate change.

At Escape Arts, we felt it was vital that we took on the responsibility to unite communities together and promote positive messages about climate change. We identified that making children more aware of climate change, in a non-intimidating way was a brilliant step forward to promote the message.

As such, we partnered up with Stratford Climate Action and Stratford Friends of the Earth on our Plastic Planet project, collaborating with 9 different primary schools across the local area to pique their interest and we worked with a brilliant group of international students through the Warwick & Monash University TeaMWork scheme, who produced resources for primary school children to deliver our points across.

The students went above and beyond with their resources for primary schools, including PowerPoint resources, activity sheets, posters and interactive quizzes. We are delighted to share them here with you.

”The underlying theme of all our resources is to firstly inform and educate others on climate change and its effects. Then to inspire and empower others to take action.”

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Climate Change PowerPoint Presentation

Children learn best when they are actively involved. This interactive presentation can be used in the assembly or in class and introduces climate change to children in easy to understand language.

The information is split into different sections, including ‘Climate Change’. ‘Impact and Effects’, ‘What can YOU do?’ and it is interspersed with activities such as ‘Spot the Difference’, ‘Mix and Match’ to maximize students’ attention. It also includes customizable pages which can be personalised to look at local impacts.


The key to obtaining information for children is to reinforce previous learning.

This interactive quiz takes on a simple question and answer form. Based on the information presented in the PowerPoint presentation, teachers can test the students’ knowledge in a fun and engaging way after the class.

Activity Sheets

Climate Change can be scary and daunting for children. The purpose of this resource is to make children less overwhelmed, have a bit of fun and more importantly, to make them feel like they can really make a difference. These activities can take place in the classroom or at home.

One of the activities, ‘Create a Creature’ is inspired by our Plastic Planet Project. Children are encouraged to collect litter from their community, create their favourite creature and bring it into school to create a class zoo.

‘Using the Senses’ caters to all age groups and is about being aware of what is happening around them; Can they see litter being dropped? Can they see any litter? Can they pick it up?

Not all people realise animals have feelings, they feel pain and discomfort just like us. ‘Talking with the Animals’ is designed to make children understand what their positive climate actions can make a positive impact on animals.


The set of posters aims to give students an overview of the effects of climate change and what they can do to combat it.

The posters themselves are short and simple compared to the presentation. The team decided to make a variety of posters as resources because they are easily accessible in schools, whether electronically or printed out. They are easy to upgrade and change throughout the year to fit with the overall theme of the school.

The range of topics includes a simple, informative poster introducing Climate change and its cause and effects. As well as key ways we can act against climate change; ‘reducing electricity’. ‘changing how we eat’, ‘conserving water’.

Why should we care about climate change?

This video is made especially with visual learners in mind.

The video goes through content that has been covered in the presentation but with an emphasis on what children can do at home and how to take initiative.

The video is only 2 minutes long but explores the vast amount of knowledge that still can be learnt. The idea is to inspire children to raise curiosity, ask questions and explore more ideas independently.

Narrated by our interns across the globe, the fast-paced, captivating video will excite and motivate children to make a difference.

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