Transforming Healthcare Spaces

Transforming Spaces

As part of an Arts Council England project Escape Arts are developing a large public art engagement project across Warwick Hospital and clinical healthcare settings.

Our work at Warwick Hospital involves working with patients, visitors, staff and volunteers to transform hospital waiting areas, including A&E relative’s room, the main corridor space, the new ambulatory ward and the chemotherapy unit, creating spaces that make us feel better even during our very worst experiences.

Our funding can only do so much but with sponsor support we can extend the impact of this work to new areas across healthcare settings.  As a company you could sponsor investment for art within a specific ward or building, support creative interventions in wards and help transform our hospitals, what a legacy to leave in an environments that touches so many of us.  To support please contact: [email protected]

'As a patient, a member of staff, a visitor even a contractor.....being in the hospital environment impacts on our emotions.  Maybe we are there to work , be cared for, operated on, produce life or loose life.  There is always lots of love and compassion, but dealing with trauma, pain, fear, anxiety and loss - we can easily lose sight of this.  My role is to help people feel better, to create spaces to  lifts our spirits, distract our thoughts, gives us space and lets in the light'. Escape commissioned artist in Residence Warwick Hospital Alisha Miller

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