Lost Garden of Avon

How can you get involved?

Becoming the Main Sponsor: the Main Sponsor will underpin the visibility of the project. With unique benefits, such as Sole Logo Rights, your profile will spearhead events and developments.

Sponsoring a Community Arts Installation for the garden: by sponsoring a complete arts commission, you will be providing 3 months of artist-led workshops supporting two of Escape Arts’ core groups: Paper Moon, supporting adults with learning difficulties and Stratford Escape, supporting all adults 16+. The result would be the installation of a large piece of public art within the yard, prominently showcasing your company name and logo. You would be invited to get involved in the planning of the project with corporate team building activities contributing to the development of the work.

Sponsoring a Heritage Apprentice: this Level 3 Apprenticeship, delivered in partnership with Cultural Alliance, would contribute to project research and innovative digital archiving, providing new opportunities in digital presentation and promotion of the site, its heritage and its sponsors. This is a fantastic way to both support the charity and to provide a real opportunity for a young person within the town, with the option to present awards and certification.

Sponsoring an Arts Trail Map: the project will involve mapping the development of the yard and creating a resulting Arts Trail in 2020 to entice people to visit and learn about the history therein. Sponsors would have their company name and logo prominently across the front of the final printed map (5000 print run) and upon any resulting digital media.

Sponsoring A Four Week Workshop: supporting a four week workshop would provide the resources to develop artist-led individual pieces of creative work for the Yard, involving one of Escape Arts’ core groups for four weeks.  As a sole sponsor there would be opportunities for direct involvement and your company name would be incorporated within the resulting artwork.

Sponsoring Planters or Plants: By solely sponsoring the design and creation of tubs and planters, you get the chance to have your name within the Yard for 2 years. Smaller companies can still support the Lost Garden by sponsoring plants for tubs and planters, including hanging baskets for 1 year.  This all contributes to our ‘Stratford in Bloom’ entries.

Our sponsorship packages are not one-way donations: we will work with you to maximise your investment return. Alongside the Lost Garden project, we work across a wide range of exciting and engaging exhibitions, events and activities for all levels of marketing and sponsorship budgets and can offer numerous ways in which your support can be acknowledged. 

We look forward to discussing these or tailored opportunities with you soon.

Please click here for our sponsorship pack and prices – Lost Garden



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