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Supported by Orbit, Grow, Cook and CrEATe is just one of our many responses to the COVID Pandemic, which focuses on Growth, Creativity and, more importantly, Social and Mental Wellbeing.

Each Monday, between 1 and 3pm, we meet at Lifeways Gardens in Stratford-Upon-Avon where we plant, care and tend to a variety of flora including flowers, fruit and vegetables, with the latter we have the choice of taking our well earned produce home or cooking them into a lovely treat!

Not only that, but we also find time to have a sit down with a nice cuppa, maybe some treats, and just find a little peace in our busy lives to take in the beauty of the nature around us with good people and a sense of purpose and productivity.

Growth All Year Round!

Come Rain or Shine

Whether we’re in the midst of a beautiful Spring and Summer or halfway through a chilly Autumn and Winter we have a plan for every occasion. In the sunnier months we are busy planting, trimming and care for the variety of flora we grow, building exciting and beautiful new features for the garden including bird houses and bug hotelsvand for the chillier months we are cooking delicious new recipes with our produce and creating lovely seasonal ornaments with whatever we can find in the garden!

New to Gardening?

Not a problem! The beautiful thing about gardening is its something we can all pick up and run with at any skill level. Expert or beginner, you and your skills are enough and welcome at our garden and who knows, you might just learn something new!

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