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We are delighted to showcase our full programme of digital resources & projects designed to keep us creative and keep us connected, as developed during the lockdowns in 2020. For all enquiries regarding these projects, please contact [email protected]

Tis the Season to Reuse & Recycle: Rubbish Seasonal Makes with Escape Arts

All the online shopping, presents and decorations we enjoy at Christmas results in a lot of rubbish. In fact an extra 30% more rubbish is produced over Christmas compared to the rest of the year. An estimated three and a half black bags of festive packaging is discarded by every household. Some of this cannot be recycled and ends up in landfill. What a waste!

Here at Escape Arts we are highlighting how some of the materials we throw away can be reused. “Plastic Planet” is currently on display in the main windows of the former Debenhams store on High Street. Working with several Stratford schools, local community groups and local artist Ros Ingram, Escape Arts created the impressive display of native British birds and mammals using household rubbish. We have come up with a few ways you can reuse your festive rubbish. Some of the stuff we discard can be reused to make amazing art or beautiful handmade items.  Not only will these help keep the family occupied on dark wintry days, creative activities can help improve your mental wellbeing. Plus by making things and reusing waste materials, you can save money as well as helping to save the planet. So before you fill up your wheeliebin, save your Christmas cards, wrapping paper, delivery packing, sweet wrappers, old decorations and get creative.

Download our Christmas Rubbish Seasonal Makes Pack here!

ONE: Be Creative by Escape Arts & Sitting Rooms of Culture

The One Project is a creative pack which has lots of creative inspiration for all ages aimed to connect people and spread a positive message of friendship and hope.

View our digital book collating this work and other Covid-19 delivery projects here download the pack here: ONE: Be Creative Pamphlet

Watch Project Artist Kirsty explaining each ONE Project activity here

  1. Mandala Download
  2. Crystal Ball Download
  3. Bird Origami Download
  4. Sofa Secrets Download
  5. Hands of Hope Download
  6. I AM Poem Download

View the ONE: Be Creative commissioned artwork here.

Creative Acts of Nature: The Digital Book

We are delighted to present the Creative Acts of Nature Digital Book. Created during the second lockdown in November 2020, the book contains 28 daily challenges encouraging you to explore the creativity in nature.

Featuring inspiration from artists such as Raku Inoue, Marie-Jeanne and Justina Blakeney, and photographs of work already completed as part of the challenge, there really is something for everyone!

Please join our Facebook group Escape Arts – Our Virtual Garden to share your work with us!

Cooking with Abbie: Grow Cook & CrEATe

Join our nutritionist Abbie McFarlane every Monday for weekly cooking videos. They will feature easy to do recipes made from store cupboard ingredients and basic equipment. This will focus on encouraging family cooking, wellbeing, skill development and comfort.

The videos will be available to view on our YouTube and social media channels at 4pm every Monday and will be uploaded to Cooking With Abbie’s Video Archive immediately after. Follow the link to see all of Abbie’s brilliant videos!

View Abbie’s BRAND NEW Digital Recipe Book here.

Happy cooking & don’t forget to send pictures of your cooking creations to [email protected] with the subject Cooking with Abbie! For more information, questions or suggestions for videos, contact Abbie at [email protected]


Escape's Virtual Community Garden Space, Creative Acts of Nature Challenge & Inside Out Biodiversity Project

Our Virtual Community Garden is a place to share our wonderful outdoor work digitally and connect our growing communities during the Covid-19 lock down, all part of our ‘Grow, Cook and CrEATe’ and ‘Inside Out’ projects supported by WCC Public Health and Orbit Housing. This features flowers, food and wildlife guaranteed to inspire and put a smile on your face! Download the Inside Out Biodiversity Project activity pack here.

Written to keep creative & connected with nature during the pandemic, view our Creative Acts of Nature Digital Book here!

Our Virtual Garden features blogs and galleries from individuals and groups within the community, including:

You can also join in with our Virtual Community Garden on Facebook! Contact [email protected] for more information.

Morgana's Make It Sessions

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12pm, join us on Instagram for Morgana’s Make it Sessions! Throughout the week, Morgana will be posting an art project live to Instagram in three different stages so you can work on the project in your own time.

Morgana has worked hard to ensure that all materials in the projects are items that can be found in every household, with alternatives suggested. Don’t worry if you miss the broadcast, the videos, along with a physical step-by-step will be published to the Morgana Makes It Video Archive immediately after. Follow the link to see all of Morgana’s fantastic projects.

Keep an eye on our social media channels every weekend to see what Morgana will be making next week. For all questions & art suggestions, contact Morgana at [email protected] And remember to follow us on Instagram, escape_arts to watch the videos live! Happy creating!


Supporting Talent

Do you love theatre, music, film, gaming, painting, photography? Would you like to turn a passion into a career?

Our brand new Supporting Talent Programme offers adults 18+ not in employment, education or formal training the opportunity to gain employable skills in cultural industries. The programme has been fully adapted to take place online on Zoom for three months due to the current Covid-19 outbreak. You will get the chance to take part in online arts events, review and research careers, digitally link up with a mentor and much more!

Please have a look at our Supporting Talent Information to find out more about what the course entails.

To sign up for the programme or to find out more, contact Niamh at [email protected] or Karen at [email protected]

Spiral Waves

Spiral Waves is our new lockdown creative arts project that we hope you will join in with. There’s lots of ways you can be involved, simply by creating spirals with whatever you have to hand. So if you have wool and like to knit or crochet, why not make some spiral granny squares? Or a collage with your old magazines or packaging? Maybe you have paints and paper to create something lovely, or simply pens or pencils for an amazing doodle? Or simply arrange the plant pots in your garden into a wonderful spiral.

Why a spiral and what do I do with my spiral? Please follow this link to see more about it all, more about how to get involved and lots of suggestions and lovely pictures. We’d like everyone to keep in touch whilst it’s sensible to physically stay apart, so let’s all wave at one another, have fun and keep our communities connected!

Click here to view our community spirals gallery!

Top Tips to Wellbeing with Abbie McFarlane

We are delighted to introduce Keeping Well with Abbie McFarlane. Each week Abbie will be posting her ‘Top Tips to Wellbeing’ videos and hosting an online wellbeing chat every Monday at 11am to help during these difficult times. Supported by Orbit Building Communities.

To get involved with the online chat, just get in touch via [email protected] and we will send you the joining instructions. Enjoy the video below and please let us know your thoughts.

Follow the link to see Abbie’s Keeping Well Video Archive for fantastic videos including Abbie’s top 10 tips to wellbeing, the stress bucket & managing anxiety and Abbie’s top tips to get a good night’s sleep!

View Abbie’s BRAND NEW digital wellbeing book here!

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