Thanks to funding from a National Lottery Community Fund Awards for All grant Escape Arts were able to work with Bell Court, Stratford Climate Action and Stratford Friends of the Earth on an inspirational and powerful Climate Change Community Challenge for 2021.  Plastic Planet bought together schools, community groups, businesses to promote positive action to help our environment, leading local action in preparation for the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in November 2020.

Many believe that the COP26 Conference was the world’s last best chance to get climate change under control. Simply reducing emissions is not enough- the climate is already changing. We need to enable and encourage countries already affected by climate change to act.

At Escape Arts, we felt it was vital that we took on the responsibility to unite communities together and promote positive messages about climate change. We identified that encouraging both adults and children to be more aware of climate change in a non-intimidating way was a brilliant step forward to promote this message.

As such, we partnered up with Stratford Climate Change Action and Stratford Friends of the Earth on our Plastic Planet installation. Led by the brilliant artist Ros Ingram, we collaborated with nine different primary schools across the local area and worked with our Escape Arts volunteers to create woodland creatures from recycled material.

We also worked with a brilliant group of international students who produced resources for primary school children to deliver our points across to them.

Alongside the Plastic Planet project, our group of international Interns worked hard to produce resources for primary school children. They created a wide range of resources to help cater for the various developmental stages of children. The resources include an interactive presentation, an interactive quiz, posters, pledges, activity sheets, and a video.

Find out more about our intern’s resources here.


Every day we made a different animal from recycled material. Here is a video we put together to show the process of creating an animal in the school.



We usually have 3 different stations; the first station is for making the tree bark and leaves. Another station is for weaving- covering the body of the animal. And our last which is different every day according to what animal we are making. In this case, our station is dedicated to making the feathers!


All the animals we made are endangered animals in the UK. Our lovely volunteers also played a vital part in this installation by creating the colourful leaves, bumblebees and mushrooms you see in the background, all made from recycled material.


The red squirrel’s body is covered by small individual pieces of weaving, made by primary school children and assembled together by Ros. The white fur is made from recycled ribbons torn to thin pieces and threaded through the giant plastic mesh.


Our team at Escape Arts spent three days clearing and installing the windows at Debenhams. It is on a busy high street hence we gathered a lot of attention from the public! We had a lot of nice remarks from passers-by and people who stopped to take photos. It is brilliant that our installation was raising so much awareness already!



We had a fantastic launch day on the 19th of July 2021. Not only were we joined by our collaborators, representatives from the primary schools, and a member of Warwick University but we also had the pleasure of having our Mayor cut the mushrooms and the press documenting this precious moment.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the National Lottery Community Fund for enabling us to develop this project and ensure a legacy or climate projection and local action moving forward.


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