Keeping Well with Abbie

Welcome to our Keeping Well video archive! Keeping Well with Abbie is a weekly video series which accompanies Abbie McFarlane's weekly wellbeing meetings on Mondays at 11am. Contact [email protected] to take part in Monday's wellbeing sessions. If you are able, please consider supporting this project with a donation so that we can continue our work for many years to come. Thank you

Abbie's Top Tips to Wellbeing

Abbie begins her video series by introducing the subject of wellbeing and why it’s important to look after ourselves and practice self-care during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The Stress Bucket

The Covid-19 outbreak and lockdown has affected all of us in different ways. This week, Abbie talks us through managing our stresses, worries and anxieties during this time with this brilliant stress bucket analogy.

The Hot Cross Bun

In this Easter themed video, Abbie discusses her Hot Cross Bun analogy and how negative thoughts can spiralize. Understanding how this happens helps us combat negative thoughts, something that’s very important during the lockdown period.

Worry Time

In this insightful video, Abbie talks us through how to deal with worries by giving yourself a small amount of time a day to think about them and work through them. Abbie also helps us to think about solutions to our worries in a calm way to stop us from getting overwhelmed and anxious.

A Good Night's Sleep

When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep? Abbie reminds us why this is so important, something we don’t always prioritise, especially during the lockdown! Abbie talks us through the different sleep stages and gives us her top tips to making sure we sleep well and develop a relaxing evening routine.

The Wellbeing Box

In her latest video, Abbie reminds us that an important part of self-care during lockdown is doing things we love. A wellbeing box is a box where you keep as many different activities in as you want, so when things get difficult and overwhelming, you can turn to the box for support.

Wellbeing Box Update

What’s better than 1 Wellbeing Box? 2 Wellbeing Boxes! Abbie gives us an update on the last week using her Wellbeing Box, including how it has helped her self-care routine and tips on how to make the box accessible for other members of the family.

Forest Bathing

Nature is so beautiful, especially at the moment with all this sunshine! In this video, Abbie reminds us how important it is to get out into nature to practice self-care and help support our general wellbeing as the lockdown goes on.

Storecupboard Essentials

This week on Keeping Well with Abbie, Abbie reminds us of how vital diet is and the importance of feeding our body the right things, it all has an impact on our general wellbeing!


Morning Routine

Abbie talks us through the impact of a good morning routine on our whole day. Did you know the better our morning routine is, the better our nights sleep will be? In this video, Abbie gives us lots of ideas and tips on how to create the morning routine that’s right for us.

Night Time Routine

This week on Keeping Well with Abbie, Abbie reminds us of all the things we should (and shouldn’t do!) as part of our night time routine to ensure we get a good night’s sleep. From baths, to books, to snuggly blankets, Abbie’s latest video can help us all sleep better!


Grounding, or harnessing the energy of the Earth, is a cheap and easy way to connect with nature and improve our wellbeing. Where do we sign up?!

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