Talks and Tours

Escape can support a whole range of social and corporate events from creative team building activities to offering tours and talk of the Old Slaughterhouse and its the site’s fascinating social history. Catering, event planning and and hosting can all be arranged to help make your visit a unique, professional experience.

Butcher’s Talk – meet one of Henson’s butchers Mark Pitcher who will tell you all about life on the site, the history of meat with interesting insights and butchers tales.

Go Back in Time – arrange for a hosted talk and tour of the building and explore its fascinating past from being a Tudor pub, a flaxdressers, butchers.  Take a trip through out virtual reality presentation, meet the notorious Tudor landlord Richard Spooner, Nathaniel Cooper the rope-maker and our popular butchers.

Themed Events – if you are looking for a special and memorable event we can put on talks and costumed events with full catering.


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