Current and Past Projects

Most of the family live a long way away and so Dad gets very lonely, he misses Mum so much and struggles to go out on his own without her. He loves the VIPS and feels so valued telling his stories and sharing his experiences with the others. To see his words in an exhibition was just wonderful, Dad feels wanted and part of a big family and can’t stop talking about his time at Escape, it’s made such a difference to his life –Daughter of VIP Group Member.

Over the next two years Escape will be working with NHS and Public Health partnerships to engage with four hospital/healthcare settings to produce legacy pieces of public art.

Thanks to funding from Arts Council England we are working with Warwick Hospital on develop pieces of public art to transform areas across the site.  These include the long narrow main corridor, the new ambulatory ward waiting area and A&E relatives room.  Alisha Miller, national illustrator and visual artist will be the artisit in residence from July – October, exploring the experiences of waiting areas and relative’s rooms.  Alisha will work, alongside volunteers and staff team, to collate patients and visitor stories to create vinyl and illustrative work to transform areas where life changes decisions are awaited and shared. Work will be installed in October.

In 2020 Escape will work with Spencer Jenkins, one of the UK’s leading sculptors who will lead an artisit in residence programme at another hospital setting, focusing on an exterior installation space for health, tranquillity and reflection, incorporating the heritage of the site, visitor involvement and underpinned by volunteer input.

Shakespeare Hospice Children's Hub

Escape has worked with Shakespeare Hospice Children and Young People’s Service for the three years, developing an arts intervention programme to support a number of groups, including the Children’s Bereavement Group and Warwickshire Young Carers.  These have included: Ceramics with Ros Ingram; Animation with Emma Stuchbury; Mini-Me and Sculpture Building with Ali Allen.  Activities are designed to help young people express and explore emotions and difficulties they might be experiencing in their lives.

 Outcomes for young people:

  • Improved self -esteem
  • Improved ability to communicate and express feelings
  • Improved emotional well being
  • Reduced social isolation

Outcomes are measured by pre and post evaluations, including individual evaluations for each session.

Arts Interventions

Escape has been commissioned to work across specific clinical health settings to develop creative health interventions.  These tailor made interventions can be developed to address a range of health needs, resulting in increased wellbeing, coping mechanisms and supporting progression pathways.  Some examples include:

Asylum Seekers Project – Illustration and painting workshops helping young people tell their stories and share their journeys with artist Tim Robottom 2018, commissioned by Asylum & Leaving Care Team.

Who Am I – Nuneaton Memories project, resulting in creative health toolkit with artist Alisha Miller 2018.

Dementia Cafe – Four Acres Residential Home commission to recreate a retro cafe environment and art work for corridors 2012.

Merevale House – Singing and music project as part of WCC Arts & Health Programme 2011.

Transforming Spaces Phase 1

In February 2020, we were delighted to see our first phase of artwork for our Transforming Spaces project installed in the long corridor at Warwick Hospital. We have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback we have received, with many patients letting us know it will make their trips to the hospital much happier to see the artwork. Further artwork is due to be installed in the hospital over the coming months, and the video, displayed right, shows every stage of this very exciting day. For more information on this project, contact Karen at [email protected]

‘Escape Arts have been an amazing support to my daughter who has Asperger and struggles with loneliness, anxiety and depression. Escape continues to support her, engaging her in voluntary work which is helping her with her anxiety and confidence issues. As a parent I cannot speak highly enough of Escape’s patience help and support, it has made a huge difference to our lives’- Participant Stratford Escape.

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