70 Years On – D-Day Remembered

As part of Escape’s National Arts Award project, 14 year old Bill Jones spent a year recording local D-Day veteran’s stories, spearheading youth leadership and showing how heritage can unite generations. The realisation of the significance and quality of the information captured from the interviews with veterans set in motion a train of events culminating in a special reception and viewing of the Documentary in Stratford Town Hall on the 70th Anniversary of D Day Landings.

This wonderful reception was attended by D Day Veterans, their families and friends and Members of the Town Council were in attendance to view the Documentary. The reception culminated in the Stratford D Day veterans being awarded the French D Day 70th Anniversary Medal which was presented in person by Robert Mille French Consul.

A story of endurance, endeavor, courage, fear and hope

How special his contribution has become is evidential in the quality of the Documentary in which the veterans tell their own story, in their own words. It is a story of endurance, endeavor, courage, fear and hope.

It is also a story of a young man, not much younger than those who landed in Normandy 70 years ago who was able to enter the lives of these veterans and who bridged the generational gap in such a way as to make a memorable, life enhancing impact.