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What Escape offers

Escape has many years professional experience of organising and delivering high quality participatory arts programmes working with people of all ages and ability.

Whether you want to commission a community arts event, a public art piece for your building or company, plan a team building day or add vibrancy and interaction to your own events and festival Escape can help.

Activities we offer:

Book our Odyssey Multi-Media Arts Bus for exciting events and festivals!
Book Escape Radio to cover and archive your event or to lead community consultation!

We can provide bespoke community arts projects and commissions to include:

  • Visual and Expressive Art – multi-media and recycled sculptural work
  • Story Telling – life stories, poetry, illustration
  • Arts and Crafts – willow, ceramic, murals
  • Costume Design - linking history, heritage and arts
  • Technology – animation, creative game development, blogs, film, photography
  • Dance & Drama – physical theatre, musical development, choreography, costume
  • Science and DT – imaginative & interactive workshops, animation and film
  • Music – singing, song-writing, choir development, historic, international music
  • Free Play Landscapes – free play activities using innovative and recycled materials
  • Geology and History – themed workshops, such as, Earth Week
  • Heritage and Culture – local stories, ‘Have a Go Heritage’ activities, documentary & film

Planning a project

Preparing an Arts Commission with Escape