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Welcome to the Morgana Makes It Video Archive! Each week, Morgana uploads two art projects based on everyday items in your home to keep you creative during the lockdown period. New videos are uploaded every Monday and Wednesday. Contact if you have any ideas for this project. If you are able, please consider supporting this project with a donation so that we are able to continue our work for many years to come. Thank you.

Dreams Come True Dreamcatchers Part 1

Morgana begins her weekly video project with Dreams Come True Dreamcatchers! For Part 1 of this project you will need:

  • Wool (or fabric of your choice), card, scissors, sticky tape, string.

Happy making!

Dreams Come True Dreamcatchers Part 2

Welcome back for the second part of Dreams Come True Dreamcatchers! For this session, you will need:

  • Wool, string, scissors, a fork.

Don’t forget to send pictures of your finished dreamcatchers to!

Hanging Flower Pots

Who else has lots of plastic bottles in their house? Morgana shows us how to put them to good use by turning them into hanging flower pots! You will need:

  • One 2 litre plastic bottle, scissors, paint, q-tips, string.

Happy making and don’t forget to send photos of you creations to!

Beautiful Hanging Rainbows

Inspired by the rainbow window artwork movement to say thank you to the NHS and key workers, Morgana has created these beautiful hanging rainbows. You will need:

  • Cardboard, paint, scissors, paper clips, string, and the decor of your choice !

Happy making and don’t forget to send photos of you creations to!

Funky Storage Units

The lockdown has given us the opportunity of finally getting round to sorting out the areas of our homes we’ve been meaning to sort for longer than we’d like to admit! Morgana has provided us with a storage solution this week which will both help us organise and give us something lovely to look at! You will need:

  • Storage jars, paint and wall hooks.

Happy making and don’t forget to send us photos of what you’ve made to!

DIY Bird Feeders Part 1

This lovely weather has got us thinking about nurturing our gardens and the wildlife who inhabit them. Morgana has created these gorgeous bird feeders for our flying friends to enjoy! You will need:

  • A 2 litre plastic bottle, paint, scissors, tape, string, PVA Glue.

Steps: 1. Cut the bottle in half and fit both pieces back together. 2. Draw out the shape of the doorway desired by cutting them out. 3. Placing them back together and taping the entire thing solid. 4. Base coat of your choice to make a solid base. 5. Design and have fun making it your own, let it dry and add a thin layer of PVA glue.

Happy making!

DIY Bird Feeders Part 2

Welcome back to DIY Bird Feeders Part 2! You will need:

  • Rolled Oats, honey, almond slices, plain flour, apples, honey, peanut butter, string

Steps: 1. One cup of all the dry ingredients in a bowl. 2. Melt the peanut butter and honey and follow by pouring the mixture into the bowl. 3. Start mixing until you get a batter ( it does take a little elbow grease, don’t be shy to use your hands) 4. Add additional milk, honey or peanut butter if needed to get the desired crumble consistency. 5. With your hands begin rolling the batter into balls and place on tray. 6. Place in fridge for 1 hr until solid !! And there you have it !!

Don’t forget to send us pictures of what you’ve made to!

Marble Windmills Part 1

Another beautiful project inspired by the gorgeous weather we’re having! This week, Morgana shows us how to make marble windmills to display in your garden. You will need:

  • Plain paper, marbelling ink or another coloured ink & a plastic bowl (but a sink works just as well!)

Happy making!

Marble Windmills Part 2

Welcome back to Morgana Makes It, where Morgana talks us through the finishing steps to these beautiful marble windmills. You will need:

  • Your 2 marbelled pieces of paper from Part 1, pritt stick, scissors, glue gun/superglue, pin, paper straw

Don’t forget to send pictures of what you’ve made to!

Egg Box Inspired Fish Part 1

The April Showers may have begun, but Morgana is back with a beautiful project to brighten your home! You will need:

  • Egg boxes, string, paint, scissors, googly eyes (optional)

Happy making!

Egg Box Inspired Fish Part 2

It’s time to add the finishing touches to your Hanging Egg Box Fish!

You will need: – Egg box – Scissors – Paint – String – Paper – Glue Stick

Happy making!

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