Willow Weaving Wigwams with Rachel Harwood

Spend the evening creating a stunning wigwam for your garden to grow climbing plants on or simply for decoration! Your wigwam will be about 6ft tall and you will learn several easy weaving methods. A popular workshop back from last year. Make a beautiful support for your climbing plants. Rachel Harwood will guide us through the process. Materials and refreshments included and limited free parking is available at the venue. There are also several disabled parking spaces in the outside the venue.

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We’re Inspired

We are delighted to be launching our first exhibition of 2020 at the Station Gallery in Nuneaton, We're Inspired! This fascinating exhibition features mixed media collages, poetry and sculptures celebrating the trailblazers who came before us and gave us the opportunities we have today. Look out for history’s heroines – we will also showcase weekly poetry & performance on the platform! The exhibition will open at the Station Gallery on Platform 1 at Nuneaton Train Station on Saturday 15th February and closes Saturday 29th February. Available to view Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. For enquiries, contact info@escapearts.org.uk

The Old Slaughterhouse 2020

The Old Slaughterhouse will be closed from Friday 20th December until Saturday 15th February for maintenance and planning. We look forward to welcoming you back at the start of the February half term with our Lego and Games cafe. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Stratford Born & Bred – Brand New Exhibition

Come and join us for this fantastic exhibition where seven local people share their stories of Stratford. Exhibition running until December 2019, open Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays 1:30-4:30pm.

Free Lego & Games Cafe

Reopening at the end of February 2020.

Our summer Lego Cafe is back and this time it's bigger and better than ever! Now hosted in the Slaughterhouse and our new outside extension, the Cowshed, we now have more space to let your children's imagination run wild during our FREE Lego and Games cafe.

Youth Cafe

Escape Arts are now hosting a youth cafe, every Thursday and Friday 3:30-5:00pm. Come along and bring your friends, we've got free WiFi and big discounts on food and drink. If you're looking for somewhere to finish your work or somewhere to hang out with friends, this is the place for you!

A Journey Through Time – Permanent Exhibition

Permanent Exhibition - available to view during our opening times on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 1:30-4:30pm in our main exhibition space. Let us take you on a Journey Through Time! In living memory, the Old Slaughterhouse is remembered as part of Hensons butchers, but research has shown that the site was also the home of a flax-dressers, a bakers, a shoemakers and even a Tudor pub! Come and explore the vast history of the site, alongside local and global events, with a focus on the Tudor pub.

Lifting the Lid on Stratford’s Loos – Permanent Exhibition

Permanent exhibition - available to view during our opening times on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 1:30-4:30pm in our toilet gallery! Escape Arts invite you to their latest, albeit tongue-in-cheek exhibition located in the loo of the Old Slaughterhouse Heritage & Arts Centre. In this small, but perfectly formed space, you shall be made privy to Stratford-upon-Avon’s history of local latrines, head-line making toilet paper and poignant potty protests. From Stratford’s smallest gem, it’s Victorian gent's loo on Ely Street to toilet sit-ins at the heart of the community there is a lot to discover. You can even cast your eye over vintage sanitary-wear and advertisements whilst you ‘spend a penny’.

Yesterday & Today – Photography Exhibition

Permanent exhibition - available to view on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays in our stair gallery. A stunning photography exhibition by Phil Williams, comparing pictures up to 150 years ago to pictures today.

Are You Being Served? – Exhibition

Permanent exhibition - available to view during our opening times on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 1:30-4:30pm in our upstairs gallery. A fascinating look at Stratford's much loved family run businesses that ran the town when our slaughterhouse was still operational.

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