Mental Wellbeing

Creative engagement for mindfulness

Escape understands why it’s important to look after your mental wellbeing. We know things like having purpose in life, being able to make personal choices and being engaged with friends and family make a difference.

Our workshops are designed with mental wellbeing in mind, from the way our artists are trained to work with participants to the way the link workers manage the group. Our focus is on delivering exciting, innovative and creative activities that capture the imagination. Individuals can step in to one of our sessions without barriers or feeling vulnerable.

‘I always look forwards to getting up in the morning on an Escape day, everyone is so friendly and supportive of one another and there is always an opportunity to learn new things. I leave every session uplifted and recharged’.

Over the years our participants have reported:
• Increased confidence to try new things
• Improvement in self-esteem
• More positive outlook on life
• Feeling less isolated
• Safe environment to make new friends
• Health issues feel less daunting
• The routine provided structure during a difficult period
• Creative skills provide inspiration at home
• Offers a distraction from life and a sense of achievement
• Gives purpose and a renewed ability to find direction
• Loving a better connection with the community


The Art of Health

As part of the Escape research program Escape made a short film about some of the activities we were running at the time to illustrate some of the findings in the research program.