Benefits of Arts on Health

The impact of creative engagement

Escape has established a reputation across the West Midlands as an organisation which is as much about collaboration and health as it is about arts.

Nottingham Trent University Arts & Health Evaluation 2011

Arts & Health Evaluation Report 2017

Escape has finely tuned its’ creative service  to maximize on the individuals’ capacity to achieve self-fulfillment and engage in their own healthy lifestyle.

In offering regular creative workshops Escape provides the opportunity for individuals to join in an inclusive and integrated environment at the heart of the community.

Getting involved in creative activity offers a release from anxiety and stress which provides scope to gain perspective on life and personal confidence.

Through the creative journey our participants find new skills and interests present fresh opportunities, personal choices and improved decision making.

What we know, is that these benefits aren’t isolated to the individual participating in sessions, there is knock-on effect through to family members, carers and the wider community.

Escape Arts provides more than just an activity, it offers a first step to social integration, recovery from illness and collaboration within a safe environment.

Sharing work with the wider community increases the sense of personal achievement for individuals, with added value for community wellbeing.

In essence, Escape offers a route of self-discovery and learning, to develop personal support strategies and enables people to take greater personal responsibility for their general wellbeing.