Arts and Disabilities

Inclusive communities

Escape operates two specialised programmes for adults with learning disabilities.

• Crafty Club at the Sydni Centre in Leamington, Thursdays 10am – 12pm
• Paper Moon at The Old Slaughterhouse, Stratford, Tuesdays 1.00pm – 3pm

These sessions provide a safe, welcoming and accessible environment for people with a variety of learning needs. Delivered by professional artists and link coordinators who have experience working with groups of people with varied needs.

On entry to a project activity,  the registration process identifies any critical factors in health and ability of each participant so we can ensure we meet their individual needs.

We aim to provide both comfort and challenges for people coming in to these projects, together with much laughter, inclusivity and a thoroughly enjoyable experience. These groups are high energy, uplifting and very sociable.

Our specialist programmes in Leamington and Stratford are tailored to meet the abilities of all our participants, offering: ceramics, painting, textiles and recycling.

The activities offer a range of skills, including:  manipulative motor skills, hand-eye coordination and mental capacity through a range of different activities.   Artists deliver a  visual and tactile introduction to their activities, engaging participants in discussion of choices: themes, texture, colour, shape and pattern.

All of our venues are accessible, and we offer the opportunity for people with disabilities to integrate in regular sessions.