Escape Arts Temporary Suspension

It is with sadness that Escape Arts announce the suspension of our community projects and centres across Warwickshire due to the current Coronavirus outbreak. We would like to assure our participants and volunteers that we are deeply committed to continuing our work despite this and we are taking this opportunity to develop new and innovative ways to continue engagement. Find out more. 

At that time in my life I couldn't stand long enough to do the washing up, chop onions or even walk up the road to the corner shop, let alone go out for an evening or read a book. It was a very tough and lonely time - and Escape was the light in that dark time. The physical limitations of M.E. obviously has psychological repercussions. Hard to be full of joy when that essence of vitality - energy - has slipped away. As well as being an oasis for creativity, Escape helped me to reconfigure my life. This wasn't an overnight thing, more of a gradual wakening....” – Participant Nuneaton Escape.

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